Our History & Business Model

In the fall of 1972, the U.W. Madison Wisconsin Student Association (WSA) sponsored a volunteer-run Pharmacy to provide students with affordable medications.  After two years, Community Pharmacy became its own independent entity, run collectively by its Pharmacists and staff.

Today, our Pharmacy has grown to support over 20 full time staff. All decisions shaping our business are made collectively by the workers. Workers also contribute by joining teams who are responsible for specialized tasks and projects. These teams effectively run day-to-day operations including accounting, buying, merchandising, public relations, human resources, long range planning and more. This model empowers our staff to become the business they'd like to see.

Our ability to help our community goes hand-in-hand with the health, happiness and enthusiasm of our workers. We strive to provide a workplace where each individual worker is valued and provided the means necessary to make themselves, the Pharmacy and the community as vibrant as it can be.