Meet Our Pharmacists

Jessica Kannemeier, RPh

"Being part of the cooperative structure and giving our customers access to the benefits of both alternative and pharmaceutical medicine makes my job very rewarding."

Coming all the way from Germany, we're fortunate to have Jessica on our pharmacy team. She graduated with her pharmacy degree from Philipps University in Marburg, Germany in 2000 and worked as a retail pharmacist in Germany before moving to the United States. Despite originally moving to warm, sunny California, Jessica is quite fond of Madison and happy to be here, even in winter. She started at the Pharmacy in early 2012 and has since taken root as an active and invaluable member of our team.

In order to provide the best service and keep patients in optimal health, Jessica strives to always advocate for her patients while simultaneously developing strong professional, yet personalized relationships with them.

She chose to work at Community Pharmacy because it provides her with a professional venue to counsel patients on both their prescription drugs, as well as herbal and alternative medicines they may be interested in.


Monica Cauble, PharmD

"I'd like to encourage all of our patients to ask more questions about their medications, health, and alternatives. Don't just take what your doctor says as concrete law. Our healthcare system is designed to go through multiple channels and your local pharmacists are intended to be a big part of your care."


After growing up in New Orleans, Monica spent 13 years in Austin, TX and attended the Pharmacy School at the University of Texas. (But fret not; she is not a Longhorns fan!) After graduating with a PharmD, she practiced pharmacy in Texas for several years, focusing heavily on diabetes management.

After moving to the Midwest with her family, Monica joined our team of pharmacists in late 2013. Now firmly established in Madison, she's happy to be sharing her knowledge and making a difference in people's lives.

Drawn to Community Pharmacy by our unique atmosphere and cooperative structure, Monica has been pulled out of her comfort zone and flourished as an individual and as a pharmacy professional. Experienced in the areas of diabetes and medication therapy management (MTM), Monica has been helping the pharmacy team to improve and expand those programs here. 

Richard Kilmer, RPh

"I have always worked for social justice and have spent many hours volunteering on my own time. Thankfully, working at Community Pharmacy helps me live and work in a way that regularly improves our community in many ways."

Hailing from Wonewoc, Richard is a Wisconsinite through and through. His primary schooling started in a one room country school, but Richard went on to earn his Bachelor of Science Degree in Pharmacy from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. A farm boy at heart, Richard was first drawn to veterinary medicine, but after a suggestion from his favorite aunt he found that pharmacy was a good fit.

Richard believes in small farms and hometown pharmacies. Seeing that big business has had a very negative impact on such kinds of businesses, he aligned with Community Pharmacy's philosophy more than 30 years ago. He's always felt that everyone can make a difference and make the world a better place to live, which is what Community Pharmacy has always strived to do as a business.

As our long term customers can attest to, Richard loves coming to work. You can often hear his contagious laughter and more often than not, Richard will know our customers by name. For the past 30+ years, Richard has formed many connections and the list keeps growing.

There is a more serious side to what makes Richard a great pharmacist. He was a volunteer at the Madison AIDS Network at the beginning of the epidemic. Because of activists like Richard, who've fought to improve HIV prevention and make important antiviral and antiretroviral drugs more widely available since the 1980's, we've come a long way. Richard continues to fight just as diligently against the health problems that face the general public. The current heroin epidemic in Dane County is a recent example of a social problem that Richard has worked to improve using his resources at Community Pharmacy. Several of his connections have joined together with the cooperative to offer programs that help keep our community safe.