January’s Herb of the Month: Rose

When is a rose more than a rose? Written by Amy Baker   The rose has been prized for its beauty, perfume and medicinal value for thousands of years. One of the most recognizable flowers, it has long been cherished as a symbol of love and friendship, and is often used by herbalists to support… Read more »

Earth Day | Casting Our Spotlight on Alaffia

Celebrate Earth Day with us this Saturday as we cast the spotlight on Alaffia! All day we will be honoring their dedication to a better world with 25% off all Alaffia products, as well as product demos and free samples.

Introducing Community Wellness Shop

Beginning Friday, February 11th, our Middleton location will be known as Community Wellness Shop. We will no longer be filling prescriptions at our Middleton location, though we will continue selling herbs, supplements, homeopathics, natural body care products and over-the-counter medicine. Our hours will remain the same ….

Hot Flashes – Hot Weather – OH MY!

Sage (salvia officinalis) Herbalists have been recommending sage tea for women suffering from excessive sweating and hot flashes for years. Hot flashes are the sudden, feverish increases in body temperature caused by the fluctuation of hormones during menopause. Sage contains flavonoids, volatile oils and tannins. These medicinal properties have hormone balancing, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and astringent… Read more »

Ready for some Bingo?

Community Pharmacy is proud to participate in the Bicycle Benefits Bike Bingo running now through June 12. You can stop in and pick up your Bingo Card (suggested donation $2) or swing by and get your card stamped. Even better, we have a special gift for any rider who completes a row. Stay in shape… Read more »

We could use your help!

To Our Valued Customers, While we have opened our new store in Middleton, we’ve also seen a drastic decline in shoppers on State Street. Daytime foot traffic has dropped off dramatically, and the challenges of finding parking and navigating traffic have reached new heights. As an independent pharmacy, we face shrinking reimbursements from insurance providers… Read more »

Allergy Relief for All Budgets

Spring is here, and with it comes gorgeous weather, bright flowers bursting from the once frozen ground, in addition to allergy season. Say goodbye to sneezing, itching, congestion and runny noses because the Community Pharmacy staff has compiled a list of our favorite natural allergy relief remedies accessible for all budgets! See something you love… Read more »

Gentle Exfoliation!

Dear Sensitive, When done correctly, exfoliation, or the removal of dead cells from the outermost epidermal layer, helps keep pores clear and skin looking fresh and radiant. Unfortunately, many exfoliating products actually do more harm than good. Exfoliation can be done two ways: mechanically, with a scrub that buffs away dead skin cells, or chemically,… Read more »

Pain and Tingling in Your Feet? There may be help.

At Community Pharmacy, we recommend alpha lipoic acid (ALA) to help with peripheral neuropathy.  It has been used for this in Europe for almost thirty years. Alpha lipoic acid is a powerful antioxidant found in every cell of the body. This antioxidant effect protects the cells, organs and tissues of the body from “free radical”… Read more »


Happy Holidays, Happy Gut – Better Digestion

Digest your best Many people suffer from everyday digestion problems such as gas, bloating, stomach pain, constipation, heartburn, and fatigue after eating. Here are some ideas to help prevent some of these common digestion issues. Digestive enzymes are proteins, meaning they are large molecules made up of long chains of smaller molecules called amino acids…. Read more »