New this year, our staff has put together collections of some of their favorite products and packaged them in a ready-to-gift holiday bags. 


Introducing our 2020 gift sets

Chill Out ($25):
Badger Sleep Balm (.75oz), Yogi Honey Lavender STRESS RELIEF tea (16count), Serious Relaxer tincture (.66oz) by Wish Garden (contains powerful herbs to calm and relax a tense body)



Treat Yourself ($25): 
5-piece Gail Ambrosius caramel chocolate set, Aura Cacia aromatherapy bath salt (2.5oz / any scent), Rishi Lavender Mint Tea (15 count)



Immunity Booster ($25):
Serious Cough herbal formula by Wish Garden (.66oz), 2oz bottle of Fire Brew fire cider (any flavor), Host Defense MycoBotanicals Turmeric Tea (16 count)



Local Love ($50): 
Four Elements Herbal Aid Salve (.5oz), Four Elements Tea (any flavor), Rishi  Turmeric Ginger Tea (15 count), 5-piece Gail Ambrosius caramel chocolate set


Stop by or call for more information, or to reserve one today.  And don’t forget that we’re here to help you select from the hundreds of other gift options in our stores, as well.