Ask Kitty Magoo: DIY Frizz Fighters

Dear Kitty,
I love hot weather but the humidity is turning my hair into a giant frizz ball. What can I do?

Signed, Messy in Mauston

Dear Messy,
While summer brings much to enjoy — sunshine, swimming pools, bratwurst — it can really wreak havoc on one’s hair. Speaking as a person whose mane can not be tamed, I sympathize with your humidity-induced predicament. I also have experience in remedying the situation, and I’m happy to share some tips with you.
One of the best weapons against frizz is a good conditioner. In addition to conditioning every time I wash my hair (I love John Masters Avocado Intensive Conditioner), I like to do a weekly leave-in treatment. I usually coat my hair in a generous helping of coconut oil, put on a shower cap, and kick back for a couple hours while the oil works its magic. Then I wash it out and enjoy my silky smooth ‘do. I’m also a fan of this recipe adapted from Organic Authority (
1/2 cup honey
1/2 cup yogurt
1 tbsp. almond oil
3 drops lavender essential oil
Combine all ingredients and massage into hair. Leave on for twenty minutes, then shampoo.
Another great way to fight frizz is with a smoothing spray. Try this recipe adapted from Overthrow Martha (
2 tbsp rose water
2 tbsp distilled water
1 tsp vegetable glycerin
3 drops argan oil
3 drops rose essential oil
Combine all ingredients in a small spray bottle. To use, shake well and spray on hair every morning.
If you’d rather buy a product, I recommend: Acure Leave-In Conditioner, Aubrey GPB Conditioner, and the afore-mentioned John Masters Avocado Intensive Conditioner.


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