Confessions of a Beauty Buyer: All Time Favorite Products

Community Pharmacy’s head buyer shares her list of ALL TIME FAVORITE cleansers, moisturizers, hair products, and more.

by Alex Fulton

In addition to editing this newsletter, I’m also Community Pharmacy’s primary buyer of health and beauty products. Presiding over lines like Evan Healy, Suki, John Masters, Dr. Hauschka, and Acure has given me ample opportunity to sample tons of products. From masks to moisturizers to shampoo to sunscreen — you name it, I’ve slathered it on. Because my friends know this, they often ask me for recommendations, which I gladly offer. Now I’m offering them to you. Without further ado, I present my list of ALL TIME FAVORITE PRODUCTS.

Cleansers and Moisturizers
My hands-down absolute favorite facial cleanser is Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser. This all natural sugar scrub sloughs away dead skin but is gentle enough to use every day (which is rare in an exfoliant). It smells amazing, and a little goes a long way so it lasts forever. I’ve convinced countless people to try this and every single one of them loves it.
Runners-up: Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Milk (especially for removing makeup), Collective Wellbeing Honey Buff (another super gentle scrub).

As far as moisturizers go, I’m a big fan of Evan Healy Light Moisture Replenishing Fluid. While the name is a bit of a mouthful, the product itself is minimal and mild, providing my combination oily skin with just the right amount of moisture without any heaviness or shine. Most days I mix in a pump or two of John Masters Vitamin C Anti-Aging Serum in an attempt to undo the sun (and other) damage incurred in my misspent youth. I also apply Suki Eye Lift Cellular Renewal Cream every day, and it’s fabulous.
Runners-up: Dr. Hauschka Melissa Day Cream (good for balancing combo skin and slightly mattifying to boot), Acure Seriously Firming Facial Serum (a powerhouse blend of antioxidant- and nutrient-rich oils), Sensuous Beauty Oil Free Moisturizer (a light and minimal aloe-based gel).

Masks and Treatments
I’ve been a lover of the facial mask since before I started working here, so I’ve tried ‘em all. It’s hard to pick a favorite but I gotta go with Dr. Hauschka Rejuvenating Mask because it’s downright incredible for soothing red, inflamed, angry skin (including blemishes). My other favorite blemish buster is Veriditas Acne Treatment. I apply this essential oil formula directly to trouble spots to help clear them up in a hurry.
Runners-up: I started using Living Earth Herbs Piercing Liniment after a trusted friend recommended it. In spite of the name, this product (a blend of healing oils and aloe vera) is good for absolutely EVERYTHING from blemishes to burns to bug bites. I actually convinced the company to sell this product in a bigger size because I love it (and use it) so much!

Body Lotions and Oils
As far as I’m concerned, you really can’t go wrong with EveryDay Shea Unscented Body Lotion. It’s all natural, moisturizing without being greasy, and features shea butter hand made by a cooperative in Togo, Africa. Not to mention it’s ridiculously cheap. I also love the Acure body lotions, which absorb really nicely and smell divine.
Runners-up: Evan Healy Sweet Blossom Hydrating Body Oil (perfect for when you want to take smelling divine to the next level), Dr. Hauschka Hand Cream (because even our farming pharmacist Richard agrees it can’t be beat).

Hair Products
I’m a fan of the John Masters Lavender Rosemary Shampoo because it performs like a salon brand minus the nasty chemicals. For conditioning I like the Acure Argan Oil Conditioner. It’s pretty heavy but my dry hair needs all the help it can get.
Runners-up: Acure Argan Oil (for fighting frizz and flyaways), John Masters Sea Mist Sea Salt Spray (for those “beachy waves” you’re always hearing about).

I’m a bit of a minimalist when it comes to cosmetics. I like multi-purpose, natural products that also look natural on my skin. To that end, I’m a fan of Mineral Fusion Perfecting Beauty Balm. It’s one of those BB creams that’s currently all the rage in the beauty world, except without all the gross ingredients. And talk about a multitasker! A moisturizer and make-up in one, this product eases dryness and helps even out my skin tone while providing a touch of sun protection. And, unlike a foundation, it goes on sheer so no one will even notice you’re wearing anything. (They may, however, comment on your flawless complexion!)
My other favorite make-up multitasker is 100% Pure Lip & Cheek Tint in Pink Grapefruit. I avoided blush for years because I always ended up looking like a clown, but this light cream gives me a natural glow (emphasis on the word “natural”) not unlike the flush I get after exercising. It’s also perfect for my lips, providing just the right amount of color without the heavy, sticky feeling of lipstick or gloss.
Runners-up: Dr. Hauschka Mascara (one of the first natural mascaras and also one of the best), Honeybee Gardens Eye Liner (easy to apply and available in a variety of fun colors).

Miscellaneous Faves
Just because a product doesn’t fit nicely into one of the above categories doesn’t make it any less awesome.

  • BeesWork Red Roses Lip Rouge is my all time favorite lip product. It’s the best balm in the world, it gives my lips a beautiful red stain that builds with each application, and it smells (and tastes) amazing. It’s not cheap, but I like to treat myself to one every now and then. I deserve it, and so do you!
  • Dr. Bronner’s Coconut Oil is good for many things, but I especially love it as a deep conditioning hair treatment. It works wonders on my dry, scraggly ends.
  • Evan Healy Facial Tonic Hydrosols are an essential part of my skin care routine — I particularly appreciate the healing, anti-inflammatory powers of the Immortelle Hydrosol — but they also vastly improve my mood every time I use them (which is frequently and liberally).
  • Wyndmere Anxiety Release Roll-On, made with pure essential oils in a base of jojoba oil, makes an outstanding natural perfume. It has also helped calm me down on numerous stressful occasions. The power of aromatherapy!

I hope you enjoy these products as much as I do. If you’d like a personalized recommendation, feel free to stop by the store and ask for Alex. I’d be happy to help you discover your own all time favorites.

Alex Fulton is the head of Community Pharmacy’s buying team and the editor of Infused.