Bulk Herbs & Herbal Supplements Madison WI

Organic Herbs & Teas

We are proud to provide Madison’s largest selection of bulk herbs (mostly organic) available for purchase by the ounce (click here for list).

Additionally, we stock a wide variety of single and combination herbal tinctures, tablets, capsules, oils and salves, as well as single and blended teas in bulk and bag. Our respected purveyors, include:

  • Banyan Botanicals
  • Burmeister Ginseng
  • Charlotte’s Web (hemp CBD)
  • Eclectic Institute
  • Emerald Health
  • Four Elements
  • Gaia Herbs
  • Goosefoot Acres
  • Healin’ Hollers
  • Herb Pharm
  • Herbalist & Alchemist
  • Herbs, Etc.
  • Host Defense
  • Inesscents (hemp CBD salve)
  • Motherlove
  • Om Organic Mushrooms
  • Oregon’s Wild Harvest
  • Organic India
  • Pacific Botanicals
  • Plum Flower (Chinese Herbs)
  • Plus CBD/CV Sciences (hemp CBD)
  • Republic of Tea
  • Rishi Tea
  • Simplers
  • Traditional Medicinal Teas
  • Urbal Teas
  • Urban Moonshine
  • Wildwood Institute
  • WiseWays Herbals
  • Wish Gardens
  • Wisconsin’s Finest Ginseng
  • Yogi Tea