Protecting Our Body’s First Line of Defense!

By Amy Baker

Our nasal passages are one of our body’s first lines of defense against illness.  Keeping them clean and moist is one of the easiest things we can do to promote good health.   Two of our favorite methods are nasal irrigation using a neti pot, and nasal lubrication using herb-infused nasya oil.   Both are powerful allies, especially during cold and flu season.

You can find neti pots, nasal rinse mixes, packets of un-iodized sea salt and nasya oil at both Community Pharmacy and Community Wellness Shop.

Neti Pot — Looking a lot like a small teapot or oil lamp, a neti pot’s spout fits comfortably into a nostril and is used to distribute a saltwater rinse that cleanses the nasal passages and sweeps bacteria, viruses and irritants from the respiratory tract.  There are varying thoughts about when it’s best to do your neti rinse.  These days, you might consider using a neti pot at the end of the day to remove dust and debris that may have accumulated.  

Click here to see a quick, how-to video that can help you learn how to properly use a neti pot.


Nasya Oil — The nose is the entrance for prana (life force), which comes into the body through the breath.  Healthy, uncongested breathing ensures the proper flow of prana throughout the head and body. It is common for excess bodily fluids to accumulate in the sinuses, throat and nose.  Administration of herb-infused oils, or nasya, helps clean these areas. Nasya oil soothes and protects the nasal passages as it nourishes the tissues. Daily use helps to release tension in the head, relieve stress and encourage mental clarity.   You might consider using nasya oil at the beginning of your day to shield the mucosa from the environment.

Click here to see a video showing how to easily incorporate Nasya Oil into your daily routine.

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Be well!

Amy Baker is a gardener, teacher, wildcrafter, herb enthusiast and an award-winning writer.  She has studied herbal medicine with various teachers in Chicago and Madison, and earned her certification as a Culinary Nutrition Expert and Instructor through the Academy of Culinary Nutrition. Amy has enjoyed creating plant medicines, natural beauty and cleaning products, and all manner of tasty, nutritious, healing recipes for decades.