Pure and Simple Sunsoil CBD

Sunsoil has a mission we at Community Pharmacy can get behind:  to create affordable access to the very best full-spectrum CBD products.  Using simple ingredients, a straightforward process, extraordinary attention to detail and controlling every step along the way, they accomplish that mission beautifully.

From Seed to Shelf

Sunsoil’s Farm, Hyde Park, Vermont

How it Grows
It all starts with the seed, and Sunsoil breeds its own in HEPA-filtered garden rooms in northern Vermont to control cross pollination and ensure consistent genetics.  The hearty seed stock is then planted by hand and tended using certified organic methods in rich soil built through careful crop rotation.  Come harvest time, plants are picked by hand to ensure that they are harvested at peak ripeness (a large percentage of CBD is created in the final weeks of a plant’s maturation).  Once picked, the hemp is dried in pristine barns, made of untreated wood, specially designed to optimize air flow.  Before moving on to production, Sunsoil uses three different third-party ISO accredited labs to check the dried plants for contaminants, heavy metals and mycotoxins.

How it’s Made
Sunsoil products are made with a lipid infusion extraction method to preserve the purity and integrity of the hemp plants.  In this simple and straightforward process, the dried organic hemp plants are soaked in organic coconut or MCT oil at the beginning of the infusion process.  Then, heat and pressure are added to help extract all the plant’s compounds in their naturally occurring ratios. That’s it.  The resulting whole-plant oil infusion preserves the cannabinoids and terpenes in a simple, raw, distilled form that’s easy for the body to absorb.  The two-ingredient oil is tested once again;  then, after being mixed with ingredients like organic peppermint oil and formulated into drops, capsules and softgels, the products are tested twice more.

How it Saves
No solvents are used and no elaborate equipment is required to make any of Sunsoil’s products.  The efficient lipid infusion production process took three years of hard work to effectively scale, but the result was well worth it.  Doing everything themselves, from seed to shelf, is how Sunsoil can provide high-quality CBD oil that costs less. Aiming to do the most good for the most people, Sunsoil’s process now translates to cost savings that are passed along to you.

Give Sunsoil a Try!
Visit us at Community Pharmacy and Community Wellness Shop to discuss what’s right for you.  Options include:

Liquid drops 

  • cinnamon, chocolate mint and unflavored
  • 1 oz (600 mg CBD)
  • 2 oz (1,200 mg CBD)


  • 20 mg CBD  – 10-count and 30-count packages
  • 10 mg CBD – 30-count package


  • unscented/coconut
  • 600 mg CBD/ 1 oz