What’s in YOUR Smoothie?

green smoothie with superfoodsBy Amy Baker

Smoothies are … personal!   Everyone has their favorite go-to recipes depending on their tastes and health goals.   Easy to digest and quick to prepare, smoothies are a great option for snacks or meals on the go.    With a few add-ins, a run-of-the-mill drink can become a tasty, superfood powerhouse that can get you through a big chunk of your day with energy, focus and drive.

Community Pharmacy and Community Wellness Shop carry a wide variety of ingredients to up your smoothie game.   From collagen, whey and vegetable protein powders, to nutritional oils to herbs that give you that extra edge, our high-quality products have been carefully selected to make sure that you’re getting only the best for your one-and-only body.   Vegan and gluten-free options are available.

Take a look at some of our favorite smoothie add-ins, and choose a few to try yourself.  Brands available at Community Pharmacy and Community Wellness Shop are listed in bold.  Most can be found at both locations, but call to verify if there is a specific item you’d like to have right away.

SEEDS (by NOW and Barlean’s)
Hemp –  high in protein, good source of essential fatty acids
Flax    –  high in omega 3s and lignans
Chia   –  high in calcium and phosphorus, easy to digest without being ground

SUPERFOODS, HERBS & SPICES  – Provide concentrated antioxidants, polyphenols and a variety of nutrients.

  • Morninga – Bitter, pungent, warming.  High in antioxidants. Anti-inflammatory.
    (Kuli Kuli powder)
  • Baobab – Slightly sour.  Rich source of vitamin C.
    (Allafia powder)
  • Mushrooms –  Can boost energy and immune function.  Excellent source of prebiotics.
    (OM powders, Host Defense capsules and liquids.  Both brands have many varieties.)
  • Spirulina – High in protein, B vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and chlorophyll
    (Pure Planet, NOW and bulk powders)
  • Chlorophyll detoxifier, deoderizer, nutrient-rich, improves digestion
    (Sunny Green and Herbs, Etc. liquid and capsules)
  • Maca Powder – supports energy and stamina, balances hormones
    (Gaia, HerbPharm, and bulk)
  • Beet Powder –  rich in antioxidants, dietary fiber, calcium, iron and other nutrients
  • Tart Cherry  rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals, including melatonin
    (Eclectic powder, PurePlanet and Dynamic Health liquid)
  • Nettle Leaf  – high in minerals and other nutrients, anti-inflammatory.
    (Eclectic powder, bulk dried leaves)
  • Ginger –  good for digestion, anti-inflammatory.  Try using a chunk of fresh ginger if you have it.
    (HerbPharm tincture)
  • Turmeric anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, neuro-protective, aids digestion
    (MegaFoods Daily Turmeric, bulk powder)
  • Blueberry Concentrate – antioxidant, supports healthy vision
    (Herbalist & Alchemist)
  • Powdered Greens – excellent source of a wide variety of vitamins and minerals, rich in antioxidants and carotenoids.
    (blends by Barlene’s, Eclectic, Garden of Life, Vibrant Health and Natural Factors)

PROTEIN POWDERS – most come in chocolate, vanilla and unflavored

  • Whey Protein – cow- and goat- derived  (Tera’s, Natural Factors, NOW)
  • Egg White Protein  (NOW)
  • Vegetable-based Protein  (Garden of Life, Nature’s Plus, Vega One, Tera’s)
  • Rice Protein – vanilla and chocolate (NutriBiotic)
  • Hemp Protein (Manitoba Harvest)
  • Grassfed Beef & Egg Protein  (PaleoPro)
  • Collagen (PaleoPro, Nordic Naturals)


  • MCT oil  (Bulletproof, NOW)
  • Flax Oil  (Barlean’s)
  • Coconut Oil  (Dr. Bronner’s)



The combinations are endless, but here’s a basic recipe:

  1. Base: 8-10 oz. organic milk (dairy or non-dairy), coconut water,  kefir or yogurt (dairy or non-dairy)
  2. Healthy fat: 1 T MCT oil, coconut oil or flax oil
  3. Protein: 1-2 scoops of protein powder
  4. Antioxidants:  2 cups of berries (can be frozen), leafy greens or a combo.
  5. Additions:  herbs, nuts and seeds — try a few, based on what you want and need for your health goals

Blend all until smooth.  Keep in mind that a room-temperature smoothie can be easier to digest than an icy cold one, especially if you have digestive struggles or are feeling unwell.   If you don’t have an electric blender, choose powders and liquids rather than whole fruits and veggies.   Shake well in covered mason jar or one of the great smoothie shakers available at both of our locations.


Amy Baker is a gardener, teacher, wildcrafter, herb enthusiast and an award-winning writer.  She has studied herbal medicine with various teachers in Chicago and Madison, and earned her certification as a Culinary Nutrition Expert and Instructor through the Academy of Culinary Nutrition. Amy has enjoyed creating plant medicines, natural beauty and cleaning products, and all manner of tasty, nutritious, healing recipes for decades.

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