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  • CBD • Homeopathics • Pharmacy


Products include herbs, vitamins, supplements and a full-service prescription pharmacy.

Location & Hours


You’ll find the same holistic products as our downtown location, except for the pharmacy.

Location & Hours

Welcome to Community Pharmacy and Community Wellness Shop!

  • Vitamins • Herbs • Bodycare
  • CBD • Homeopathics • Pharmacy


We finally have the exciting news we’ve been waiting for! The final hurdles have been crossed.

Community Pharmacy will begin regular store hours at its NEW LOCATION at 130 S. Fair Oaks Avenue starting Monday, August 16th.


New Prescription Delivery Schedule

We are now offering prescription delivery at no charge on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Please contact the dispensary (608-251-4454) by 2 pm the day prior to arrange for delivery.

Accepting HSA/FSA Cards

With the recent change of our credit card processor, we are once again able to accept most HSA and FSA cards (ETF cards are currently not working). Thank you to everyone for sticking with us as we worked through the necessary adjustments.

About Us


We are a worker’s cooperative committed to helping you become the healthiest you. Along with a prescription pharmacy, we provide our community with vitamins, herbs, homeopathic remedies, and natural body care products. Community Pharmacy was founded on the principle that information and choice are crucial in making sound health decisions.

We are the local Madison Wisconsin Health and Wellness Community Pharmacy.

Our pharmacists and educated staff are here to help ensure you find the right products for your specific needs. We constantly strive to be the natural alternative to this increasingly chemical world. We support small, local businesses and buy from companies that prioritize sustainability over maximizing profits. If you’re looking for food-based vitamins, herbs from certified organic farms, or skincare without synthetic ingredients or fragrances, we are just the store you’re looking for.