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The Short Story

A brief timeline of CP’s history.

  • 2012
    Community Pharmacy celebrates 40 years!
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  • 2004
    Community Pharmacy extends its resources to the wider community.
    Offering an online catalog, store news, original articles by CP staff and local practitioners and archived information from our newsletter, Infused.
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  • 1997
    Community Pharmacy is renovated.
    All products are moved onto a fully accessible and expanded first floor, while the second floor is converted to office and meeting space.
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  • 1995
    Staff drops “WSA” from the store’s name, changing it to Community Pharmacy.
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  • 1991
    Store achieves cooperative status
    After exploring various management styles over the years, staff implements a team-managed structure. This same year, the store achieves cooperative status.
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  • 1983
    The Pharmacy moves to its current location at 341 State Street.
    The new space is able to accommodate a larger pharmaceutical dispensary area, a wider range of alternative health care products, and an expanded selection of natural body care products.
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  • 1978
    Vitamins, homeopathics, and herbs are added to the store’s shelves in order to offer a larger variety of health care products to customers.
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  • 1973
    The Pharmacy’s workers assume ownership and turn to a collective business structure.
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  • 1972
    The UW-Madison Wisconsin Student Association (WSA) opens a volunteer-staffed pharmacy to provide the community with health care information and affordable prescription medication.
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