Organic Essential Oils Store Madison WI

Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Products

Did you know that plants have immune systems that produce aromatic essential oils to ward off bacteria,viruses and pests? Oh, nature! Will you ever cease to amaze us? The very same oils that protect plants can also be used to enhance our overall health. We offer a wide variety of therapeutic-grade single and blended essential oils, perfumes and hydrosols (water infused with water-soluble plant constituents) to help support your health and state of mind. With great respect for the earth and those who inhabit it, several brands we carry include only the purest essential oils, produced in an ethical manner from organic and sustainably wild-harvested plants. We offer a lovely selection of wearable and tabletop diffusers, and essential oil brands including:

Goddess Garden
  • Juniper Ridge
  • NOW
  • Pranarom (formerly Veriditas)
  • Shoyeido
  • Valentina’s