Flawless Face Tips

I’m going to lots of holiday parties and I want my skin to look flawless. Any ideas?

Signed, Festive in Franklin

Dear Festive,
Tis the season for socializing, but dry winter air can really sap the life from your skin. Fortunately I have some recipes that will leave you glowing like a Christmas tree for less than the price of an eggnog latte.
If you have a few minutes and a food processor, you can make this facial mask adapted from wholeliving.com. Papaya and yogurt help dissolve dull skin, and honey helps retain moisture.
1/2 cup diced papaya
1 tbsp. plain yogurt
1 tsp. honey
Combine ingredients in food processor until smooth. Apply mixture to clean skin and leave on for 8-10 minutes. Rinse, pat dry, and finish with a gentle moisturizer. For an even easier but still effective mask, omit papaya and mix yogurt and honey in a bowl. No food processor required!
I also like this recipe from realsimple.com. Spirulina is rich in antioxidants, banana helps moisturize, and lemon juice brightens the skin.
1/2 tsp. spirulina powder
1 ripe banana, mashed
1/2 tsp. fresh lemon juice
Whisk ingredients together and apply a thin layer to face. Leave on for 15 minutes then rinse with cool water. Don’t use more than the suggested amount of lemon juice, as it can be irritating.
If you’d like to use a facial mask but would rather not make your own, I highly recommend Evan Healy’s Green Tea Clay. This deeply cleansing mask draws impurities to the surface, and the clay stimulates blood flow to leave you looking like you just stepped out of the spa. I also love Even-Tone Brightening Serum by Suki; used regularly, it really works to fade spots, scars, and discolorations.

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