Harness the strength of the Tiger!

Ever had an achy back or sore muscles from overworking yourself in the yard or exercising? Looking for relief without long term effects? There are several options from rubs to patches and sprays to give you relief. For slight muscle aches and joints aches try our original Tiger Balm. Camphor and menthol create a cooling and tingling sensation that soothes the pain as well as increasing blood flow to help the area heal faster. Try our Red Extra Strength Tiger Balm when you are in need of a heating sensation. This formula also has the added benefit of clove oil which is both numbing and smells great. Want the benefits of a balm without the worry of getting oil everywhere? No problem, Tiger Balm also comes in a patch that you can wear under clothes and lasts for hours.

When you’re looking for stronger pain relief for deeper muscle aches or back pain try one of our many liniment sprays. An ingredient that you may see in liniments and rubs is capsicum. You may recognize capsicum as chili powder. It causes a hot sensation on the skin and when used in a liniment form, with an alcohol or witch hazel base, the warming sensation penetrates through the skin directly into the muscle. Capsicum contains the chemical capsaicin which stimulates the nerves and then ‘overrides’ the pain signals being transmitted by the nerves.

Liniments are a good choice for deeper muscle pain and for more intense pain. There are many herbs such as Arnica and St. John’s Wort that are also used in conjunction with capsicum or camphor to heal the underlying injury causing pain. The first use of capsicum may cause a short term increase in pain which usually decreases after the first use. As with any natural or chemical treatment, if pain continues to increase or you have any skin reactions, discontinue use immediately.

By Lance Holm.
Edited Flormaria Erazo
Cooperator, Community Pharmacy

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