Allergy Relief on a Shoestring

Oregon’s Wild Harvest Aller-Aid
This company runs a biodynamic, certified organic farm in Oregon, and all their herbs are harvested by hand at peak potency and processed on site. Quercetin is the star of this combo formula, working closely with vitamin C to reduce histamine reactions and inflammation. Freeze-dried nettle and N-Acetyl Cysteine round out a winning cast to ward off your symptoms.
$16.80 for 90 capsules

Baraka — Neti Pot
Handmade in the USA by a women’s cooperative, this ceramic netti pot is by far the most economical choice to address rhinitis and sinusitis due to inhaled allergens. Sinus irrigation sounds intimidating, but the process is relatively easy and can greatly reduce sinus congestion by flushing out allergens and mucus.

BioAllers Homeopathic Liquids
Homeopathic remedies stimulate the body’s vital force to help overcome a state of imbalance. They work most effectively when they’re specifically suited to the imbalance, such as a particular allergy. BioAllers creates formulas for allergies like animal hair and dander, tree or grass pollen, mold, yeast, and dust.
$10.20 for 1 fl. oz.

Simplers — Nettle-Radish Compound
This bulk liquid extract is good for both your budget and the environment! The organic formula contains nettle, which has a long history of use for allergy symptom relief, and turmeric root, which has anti-inflammatory properties. A few more herbs that support mucous membrane health and a normal immune response create a synergistic approach to reducing symptoms.
$6.15 per fl. oz.