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You’ve Earned It!

EVERY Wednesday is Senior Discount Day at Community Pharmacy & Community Wellness Shop (Middleton). 10% off of your entire purchase (excluding prescriptions, sale and discontinued items) for those ages 60+. Whether your goal is to participate in the National Senior Games or simply feel better doing everyday activities, we can help! Visit Community Pharmacy & Community Wellness Shop to lear

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Free CBD Lecture

What’s the deal with CBD? Cannabidiol (CBD) is a hemp-derived nutrient that has been receiving a lot of attention for its benefits in health and well-being. It’s likely that you’ve heard from someone who is using it to control their stress or pain. Despite its popularity, there is a lot of confusion about this complex dietary ingredient. Let’s break the facts down together

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July Sales!

15% Off………….Baxyl……… Hyaluronic Acid. 20% Off………. MegaFood………. All Products. 20% Off………Nutrigold………. All Herbs/Botanicals. 20% Off……….Nature’s Way……….Alive Multivitamins. 20% Off……….Nordic Naturals……….All Gu

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CBD is seemingly everywhere these days.  How is a person to decide which CBD products, if any, are right for them?  Do you need full-spectrum hemp oil? THC-free? What about products enhanced with terpenes or additional cannabinoids?  Should you be concerned about prescription interactions?  All you need to do is ask! Community Pharmacy has been dedicated to educating ourselves and the community ab

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Staying Safe Outdoors — DEET-free Bug Repellents

We are so fortunate to live in a state with abundant natural areas to explore!  Of course, we want to embrace the outdoors and benefit from all that nature.  It can feel fraught, though, as we try to balance our desire to be outside with our need to feel safe from insect-borne diseases that can cause long-term health. We are so fortunate to live in a state with abundant natural areas to explore!  

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Grow Your Own Backyard Apothacary

Imagine having your very own herbal apothecary … right in your own backyard. Many medicinal herbs grow easily and thrive in Wisconsin, even with our relatively short growing season. With very little time and effort, you can grow plants that will help with basic ailments, like tummy aches, sore throats, summer colds, fevers, PMS and restless sleep. Check out the herbs listed below, and think about

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How to Use Wild-harvested Herbs in Everyday Cooking

Finally, spring has sprung!  First up in gardens, lawns and fields are some of most nutritious, mineral-dense plants mother nature has to offer.  For the cost of only a few minutes of your time, you can pop outside and harvest enough herbs to create a delicious pasta filling, spring salad or potent herbal vinegar.  And it couldn’t be easier to up your nutrition game by adding handfuls of the

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Natural Products for Seasonal Allergy Relief

It took a while for spring to arrive in our neck of the woods, but it’s here now, in all its glory!  Ushered in with the buds, blossoms, and blooms, though, are loads of tree and grass pollens that mean ALLERGIES for all too many Wisconsinites.  For those of you afflicted with runny noses, itchy eyes and incessant sneezing, there are excellent alternatives to pharmaceutical allergy products,

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A Simple Spring Cleanse

By Julie Neitzel As spring arrives, we instinctively want to clean out the accumulated debris of winter to make room for new growth.  Winter has required us to eat heavier foods for warmth but, as the sun gives us more of its heat, spring allows us to burn off the reservoirs of stored energy and transition to a lighter diet.  This often leads folks looking for a way to further “cleanse” their bodi

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DIY Products for Natural Spring Cleaning

Ah, spring.  Finally!  Time to throw open the windows and get the fresh air and energy circulating throughout the house.   It’s also the perfect time for a good spring cleaning.  Whether you’re tackling a top-to-bottom house swabbing or addressing things room-by-room, you can do so with natural, homemade products that are easy, safe, earth-friendly, and that will leave your home smelli

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