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DIY HERBAL GIFTS Hand-made gifts are some of the most treasured, carrying the time, thought and intention of the maker.   For the person creating, it’s a gratifying experience to pause and consider the scents, tastes and textures someone might appreciate or need. And it’s heart-warming to receive a thoughtfully considered, made-from-scratch gift!  We’ve been sharing our love of making and giving n

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by Dianna Soma (our Pharmacy Intern) With the news that two mRNA vaccine candidates for Covid-19 (the Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine and the Moderna vaccine) have achieved at least 95% efficacy in Phase 3 clinical trials, public interest in mRNA vaccines is growing. mRNA vaccines work with the body’s natural immunity to develop an immune response to a virus. The mRNA in these vaccines is like a set

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New this year, our staff has put together collections of some of their favorite products and packaged them in a ready-to-gift holiday bags.    Introducing our 2020 gift sets Chill Out ($25): Badger Sleep Balm (.75oz), Yogi Honey Lavender STRESS RELIEF tea (16count), Serious Relaxer tincture (.66oz) by Wish Garden (contains powerful herbs to calm and relax a tense body)    **************

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20% Off These Entire Lines! Pranarom (Essential Oils, Carrier Oils, Hydrosols, Diffusers & More!) Gaia Herbs Eclectic Institute Herbalist & Alchemist Terry Naturally Andalou Face Care (excluding the Cannocell line) Heritage Store Dr. Bronner’s Bar Soaps One With Nature Bar soaps   Plus 25% Off Sukin, Our newest skincare line NEW CHAPTER                                      

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Relax and Heal with DIY Massage Oil

According to Lissa Rankin, MD, author of Mind Over Medicine:  Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself,  our bodies are beautifully equipped with natural self-repair mechanisms that operate optimally when we are calm and relaxed.  These mechanisms can fight infection, cure disease, heal wounds, affect our gene expression and more.  They get deactivated, though, when our bodies are full of stres

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Taking a Different Look at Mushrooms – Introducing Feral Fungi

At Community Pharmacy, we’ve long embraced and educated customers about the healing and fortifying properties of mushrooms.  They are some of the most useful and powerful medicines in the natural world.   We’re now thrilled to offer a line of mushrooms that reaches beyond the physiological benefits different fungal species can offer.  Introducing Feral Fungi, a line of spagyrically prepared, uniqu

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Big Sales on These Entire Lines! New Chapter (35% off) Charlotte’s Web CBD (20% off) Host Defense Mushrooms  (20% off) Country Life (20% off) Nordic Naturals (20% off) Inessence Topical CBD (20% off)

Come Celebrate Community Wellness Shop’s Fifth Birthday!

Cheers to five amazing years for Community Wellness Shop in Middleton!   In October, 2015, after 43 years in downtown Madison, Community Pharmacy decided to expand to a second location to serve a growing number of customers who lived on the west side and beyond.  From the moment we opened our doors at 6333 University Avenue, we knew we’d made the right call.   Middleton appreciates what we offer,

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Meet our Newest Product Lines

Sunsoil CBD Purity and price are what we love about Sunsoil.  With a mission to create affordable access to the best full-spectrum CBD products, Sunsoil employs a simple but effective whole-plant, lipid-infusion extraction process using organic coconut oil.  This efficient production process translates to cost savings that are passed along to the consumer.  Sunsoil controls their process from sta

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Preservative-free Flu Shots Available Now

Community Pharmacy is now offering a preservative-free, quadrivalent injection covering four different strains of flu.  The cost is $40 if you don’t have insurance, but it is covered by most insurance carriers.    Call our pharmacy (608/251-4454) to schedule an appointment:  11 am – 5 pm, Monday – Friday;  11 am – 4 pm on Saturday. This year, more than ever, it’s important to get

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